The New Normal in Melbourne - Life After Covid-19 | Dine-In Experience After Lockdown

Welcome to the new normal in Melbourne! And finally, after three months of isolation, we officially visited Melbourne CBD. The Government of Victoria is currently easing the restrictions and allowing people to dine-in at restaurants since 1st June 2020. Obviously many things are changing and in this video, we share our observation about them.

Of course, our short tour to CBD is not complete without having delicious food. That's why we visited Gyoza Gyoza, a cozy little izakaya at Chinatown. Their gyoza is definitely a must-try! We also visited Machi Machi, a new bubble tea store on Swanston Street which is currently extremely popular. They always have a long queue outside!

Let us know in the comment about how things are also changing in the city/town or country where you live at the moment. Are you guys still in isolation/lockdown or are you guys now entering the new normal?

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