THE JEWEL, SINGAPORE IN 2020 (During Coronavirus Outbreak) + Yotel Air Review [4K]

We finally visited The Jewel in Singapore in 2020, coincidentally it was also during one of the worst Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis in Singapore. The visit to The Jewel was on the last day of our 3 weeks holiday period travelling in South East Asia. We have been back in Melbourne safe and healthy since.

Here are a few highlights of our visit:

  1. Early check-in experience 1:50
  2. Canopy Park 2:46
  3. The Rain Vortex 7:01
  4. Shake Shack 7:59
  5. Checking out the stores 10:20
  6. Yotel Air review 12:42

Lastly, we just want to reiterate the most important message for all people in the world these days. Please practice a good personal hygiene, if you feel sick please stay at home, practice a good social distancing too. We are all in this together, we can all fight this crisis and hopefully the day to put a stop on this virus will come so we can all travel again safely.

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