TACO BELL vs GUZMAN Y GOMEZ | Mexican Food Battle - Melbourne Fast Food Takeaway Edition

We have been craving some Mexican food lately and luckily the place where we live right now has some popular Mexican fast food restaurants nearby, Taco Bell and Guzman Y Gomez. Both chains are extremely popular internationally and nationally. We use this opportunity to battle it out both chains by ordering similar dishes, including dessert. Find out what our verdict by watching the video and see which one wins according to Two Hungry Diners!

Let us know in the comment, which one do you prefer between Taco Bell and Guzman Y Gomez? If you have a suggestion on our next food battle for our next home isolation series, please let us know too!

If you are wondering...

Places we visited

Taco Bell Hawthorn

Guzman y Gomez Hawthorn

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