EXOTIC FOOD FROM SUMATRA, INDONESIA | Celebrating 75th Indonesia's Independence Day

For this week's episode, we are featuring some exotic and unique food from Sumatera, Indonesia, from some of the best restaurants and food businesses in Melbourne. This is also to celebrate the 75th Indonesian Independence Day on 17th August.

If last year we went out trying the 5 best Indonesian food restaurants in Melbourne, this year because we are still in lockdown, we decided to throw a feast at home with traditional delicious food from Sumatra (also often written as Sumatera), one of the 5 biggest islands in Indonesia. Get ready to experience some of the spiciest and most aromatic food which is very deep in flavour and use of spices.

If you're interested to support Indonesian restaurants during the current Covid-19 situation, we highly recommend you guys to check out this amazing group: https://linktr.ee/indozfood

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