DELICIOUS Indonesian Food Delivery from Bamboe in Melbourne | AMAZING Ayam Bumbu Rujak

We are back again with our Indonesian food delivery series! This time we are reviewing Bamboe, an authentic Indonesian restaurant located in the Eastern suburb of Melbourne, Camberwell. This is our first time trying out their food. They do deliveries however since it's close to where we live, we decided to pick up our order to save the delivery fee and avoid minimum order for delivery. We ordered their special of the week, which is `PAKET PENABUR - Paket Nasi Ayam Bumbu Rujak Super Dashyat` (Super Terrific Rujak style grilled chicken set with Rujak Sauce - $35/set) along with some extras such as `Cumi Goreng Telor` (Deep Fried Dry Squids - $20), `Tahu Tek Surabaya` (Surabaya Style Tofu and Bean Sprout Salad with Dark Peanut Sauce - $15.90), and 'Martabak Telur Daging Sapi' (Indonesian Savory Crunchy Meat Pancake w/ minced beef - $14).

Check out the video for the full review of the food that we ordered.

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