DALGONA COFFEE Recipe In 4 Different Ways | Matcha / Avocado / Brown Sugar Boba

We made 4 different ways of viral dalgona coffee at home, one original recipe and the other three with the twists. During this self-isolation period, it's a perfect time to try out new recipe for us. And this famous dalgona coffee that takes the internet by storm, is a perfect one to make at home. The recipe is in the video, so make sure you check it out ;)

1:39 Original Dalgona Coffee It's very simple recipe and you don't even need a electric mixer if you don't want. With 1:1 ratio of all ingredients, makes it easy to remember. Just remember to use instant coffee!

3:57 Avocado Dalgona Coffee This recipe is inspired by Avocado Coffee we found in Indonesia. So many popular cafes in Indonesia selling Avocado Coffee which is essentially avocado smoothie mixed with coffee.

5:35 Matcha Dalgona This is for those of you who can't drink coffee like Ony :D We are big fan of matcha drink and this recipe will definitely satisfy you matcha craving!

7:32 Brown Sugar Boba Dalgona Who doesn't love brown sugar boba these days? Ever since we tried Xing Fu Tang, we are hooked! With this recipe we tried to recreate our best Xing Fu Tang moment with using dalgona. Check out our Xing Fu Tang video: https://youtu.be/WZtq927Rz18

Let us know in the comment below which version of dalgona is your favourite one.

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