Amazing PENANG STREET FOOD | New Lane Hawker Centre in Penang, Malaysia

Penang has an amazing street food and we visited New Lane Hawker Centre in Penang, Malaysia on our first day of Penang trip.

This popular open-air hawker centre is very well-known among tourists and fortunately it was only 10 minutes walk from our hotel. As soon as we arrived, we were super excited to see many popular Malaysian dishes being served here by the food vendors, including many Penang delicacies that we had been dreaming to try for a long time.

We are certainly very satisfied with the quality of the food offered at this amazing hawker centre. While the price is known by the locals as a little expensive for average Penang street food, but we still love the food regardless of the price. Although it was not very crowded due to coronavirus travel ban back in February 2020 reducing number of tourists coming to Penang, we still love the ambiance of this hawker centre. We will definitely come back in the future and try more food there!

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