Amazing Indonesian Food Delivery from Meetbowl in Melbourne | Delicious Ayam Kalasan!

This week we tried amazing food delivery from Meetbowl, a restaurant located in South Melbourne. This restaurant has been serving amazing Indonesian food. Their specialty is "BAKMI" - an Indonesian style dry noodle dish. This week they sell a special menu called Ayam Kalasan Set, which is so amazing! As we mentioned in the video that we ordered this dish through a Whatsapp group. This Whatsapp group also has a Facebook group too and they have an extraordinary mission to help Indonesian restaurants and food businesses in Melbourne to survive during this Covid-19 crisis. Many Indonesian restaurants here in Melbourne now are offering home delivery service and they do the delivery themselves without using those delivery apps which normally take 20-30% profit from the food order. If you are interested to join this amazing group, check our their Facebook group in the link below:

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