We posted our experience flying business class for the first time in our blog post here before. The experience was terrific, and that included the food service too. Now it's time to review the food.

It was a day flight, departed in the afternoon from Brisbane and arrived in the evening in Singapore. We had a lunch service soon after take-off and a refreshment towards the end of the flight. For entrée, dessert, cheese selection and drinks, we have to order from the menu provided on the side on our seat, in the magazine storage rack.

Soon after take-off, the flight attendants began to prepare our table with a tablecloth, salt & pepper shakers, cutleries, and napkin. The dining table in this business class flight is sturdy, feel heavy and hard to pull-off at the same time. I had to get the flight attendant to pull it off for me for the first time.


Marinated prawn with smoked chicken and mozzarella, balsamic dressing

For entrée, there was only one option from the menu as mentioned above. The presentation was okay and neat. The chicken was tasty and we can taste a good citrusy dressing too. However, the only criticism was the size of the mozzarella - It was huge and served in one big piece. If it could be cut into few smaller pieces, it could have been tasted better.

For the main course, we took advantage of Book the Cook from Singapore Airlines website to pre-order our main course. For me, I ordered Pan Fried Barramundi in native pepper berry sauce, with sautéed vegetables and saffron fettuccine pasta, and for my husband, Peter, he ordered Braised Short Rib with Celeriac Pear Puree. The reason behind it was because we wanted to try having something that sounds unique and thought it would taste great too. Also, since we departed from Australia, we tried to find the ingredients that are local from Australia and we know Australia has a good produce of them. For example, something called 'native pepper berry', it sounds that they use native produce from Australia. Another example is choosing beef, we know Australia has an excellent beef produce, so we could expect a high quality of beef.

Another tip is also to order that only your departure country/city offers but the others don't. For example, the popular Lobster Termidore (a lot of Singapore Airlines passengers choose this 'book the cook' menu) is not available from Brisbane to Singapore, however, it is available from Singapore to anywhere in the world. So, it is wise to choose the lobster if you depart from Singapore. Stay tuned for a review of the legendary Lobster Thermidor in our upcoming blog post.

Main course for Peter

Braised Short Rib with Celeriac Pear Puree

The presentation was neat, everything was laid beautifully. The short ribs were tender, and the flavour penetrated into the meat. The portion was generous, and the gravy was tasty too. For the first time ever, Peter said he enjoyed the food on a flight so much. It truly exceeded his expectation!

Main course for me

Pan Fried Barramundi in native pepper berry sauce, with sautéed vegetables and saffron fettuccine pasta

The presentation was average, and I honestly think it didn’t really look appetizing to me. Then when it came to taste, it was kind of disappointing. It lacked flavour and although it says 'pan-fried barramundi' and I expected some kind of crispy skin fish, but unfortunately the skin was soggy. I understood that this is airline food, so I didn't have a high expectation on it.

For dessert, we have two options to choose from the menu. Since it was two of us, it is wise to order one each, so we can then taste both.

Dessert for Peter

Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream

Dessert for me

Yuletide Log Cake

Peter opted for the ice cream and I opted for the cake. The ice cream sadly was only one big scoop of good chocolate ice cream, nothing else special about it.

The cake was the Christmas edition of Singapore Airlines business class dessert menu. The presentation was pretty, and the cake was sweet, moist and very chocolaty too. However, because I was pretty much full from the main course, I could only finish half of the cake.


Smoked Cheese, Woombye Triple Cream Brie and Milawa Blue with garnishes

The flight attendants offered us cheese selection after the dessert and although we were already full but couldn't say no to it since we aim to have a full review of the complete food experience in this flight. We didn’t want to miss any single part of the food service. We opted out the blue cheese because we are not a fan of it, so only had the brie and the smoked cheese. They were good and perfect to drink with champagne. After the cheese platter, they also offered us some chocolate selection to end the meal. How could we say no to chocolates?


Sweet Potato Noodle with Korean Beef Bulgogi and Vegetables

Towards the end of the flight about 1.5 hours before arrival, we were asked for refreshment that we wanted to have. There were two options, chicken ciabatta sandwich or sweet potato noodle with beef bulgogi. The crew brought the two dishes to our seat for us to have a look first before deciding, since the sweet potato noodle looked much more appetizing so we both actually had that, one for each! We were right, it tasted tasty and flavourful. The beef was tender, and the sauce was amazing.

Although we only had a few hours gap from the lunch service to the refreshment, we both finished our potato noodle. We landed in Singapore with a stomach full of food!

In Summary...

It was a really nice experience having a 3-course meal in the sky and although the food can be a hit and miss, we still enjoyed the service and the hospitality from Singapore Airlines very much. The crew always make sure we are happy with what we have and always ready for any requests.


Leonyta is the co-founder of twohungrydiners.com. A hairpiece design at @infinite_crown, a sitecore developer, and food and fitness enthusiast. Recently found a big interest in luxury travel and currently dreaming to be a successful YouTube vlogger and travel & food blogger together with her husband.

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