Epic. That is the right word to use if I need to explain the experience in one word.

We posted our experience flying first class with Singapore Airlines in the following blog post before:
First Class Flight Experience with Singapore Airlines | Singapore - Melbourne
Now it’s time to talk about the more detailed dining experience that we had on this flight.

First off, we didn’t know that we were actually gonna be facing a full-on 6-course menu. Yes, if you count the soup, salad, and cheese platter as a one-course menu, which for me personally they are! I was already full from our dinner in The Private Room, unfortunately, I had to skip the soup and salad and went straight to the main course after finishing the appetiser. The soup and salad were supposed to be given between the appetiser and main course. I also skipped the cheese platter because of the same reason :D

For Peter, since he ordered the Kyo Kaiseki set meal which is basically a traditional Japanese array of dishes presented in sequence, with ingredients and garnishes reflecting and changing with each season. Designed by Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel Chef Yoshihiro Murata.

We both pre-booked our meal through Book the Cook service in Singapore Airlines website. Make sure you take advantage of it when you fly business / first class with Singapore Airlines. You can choose a main course from the menu on the list at least 24 hours before the flight.

Summary of my meal


Gotham Seafood with Lemon Vinaigrette

Marinated lobster, scallop, squid and prawn with tobikko roe.

To be honest, I kinda regret that I ordered this dish. The other option which is the Chilled Malossol Caviar sounds lighter to digest (and of course more lavish in the picture). It seems like all the aviation geeks out there, they always have caviar whenever they fly first class. They said never miss a caviar as it’s considered as luxurious and expensive food and what can be better than having it in the sky. So never ever miss that opportunity!

However, I decided to go with the seafood option because the day before we had an epic buffet dinner in Fullerton Bay Hotel in Singapore during New Year's Eve and they served unlimited caviar. Yes, you heard that right. UNLIMITED CAVIAR. So I was kinda over the caviar the next day already :P

Main Course

Confit of Duck Leg

Slow cooked marinated duck leg with mushroom risotto and shaved parmesan cheese.

It was delicious. The only criticism was the portion was huge. I mean...just look at that gigantic duck leg in the picture. It was tasty, rich, and full of flavour. Because it was very rich in flavour, it kind of got me bored too soon. I need something else to cleanse my palate. That’s why I was so looking forward to having my dessert soon.


Vanilla Semifreddo with Mango-Basil Sorbet and Coconut Sorbet

Timbale of vanilla cream with yoghurt and coconut dacquoise, passionfruit ice cream.

The presentation was so beautiful. It was like taken straight from the fine-dining restaurant. All the flavour combination were complimenting each other. Perfect balance of rich and sweet from the vanilla semifreddo and coconut sorbet, sour and freshness from the mango-basil sorbet and passionfruit ice cream.

From The Bakery

Garlic Bread

Not the best garlic bread I have eaten in my life. It was kind of a let down (however slightly better that garlic bread I had in my business class flight BNE-SIN before). I think they still need to improve how they heat up the garlic bread on the flight.

Summary of Peter’s meal

Kyo-Kaiseki set meal

(The menu is not printed in the book, so we couldn’t remember all the detailed dishes given to him, but there was a total of 4 courses.)

The dishes were all beautifully presented in the Kyo-Kaiseki meal. The flavour was generally delicious, maybe not too exceptional in Peter’s liking. He said the best dish was the seared kingfish in the first course, as he said it is a very Japanese dish. The rest was still good especially with all the condiments presented beautifully in separate small plates/bowls.

Make sure you empty your stomach before you have your meal because it was a full-on 4-course menu, even Peter who normally can eat a lot of food in one go, it was still too much for him!


For breakfast, there was only one option which is the continental breakfast. With options of fresh juices, cornflakes, muesli, yoghurt, assorted bread rolls and pastries, fruit and hot beverages.

I think due to severe turbulence between in the middle and end of the flight which lasted quite long (felt like more than 1 hour), they kind of rushed the breakfast service. It was only served 1.5 hours before the arrival. They gave me the fresh cut fruits on a plate straight away and offered a selection of bread from the basket which I politely rejected because I was too sleepy to have a solid food. So I only had the fruits and a cup of TWG tea.

Peter skipped his breakfast because he was still half awake during the breakfast service, and still half full from the supper too. He only had a cup of TWG tea which was super good. He had the Seven Tea from TWG.

I highly recommended trying this Seven Tea if you are a tea lover. Basically, TWG Tea has created this exclusive blend in celebration of Singapore Airlines’ 70th  Anniversary. It is a fine green tea, this fresh and invigorating melange is accented with fresh notes of pomegranate blossoms. I think it’s only available for a limited time by the sound of it. Make sure if you’ve seen this on the menu of your flight, go order it and you won’t be disappointed.

One thing that I also regret is we didn’t order any coffee during the flight. Not because of the coffee is exceptional, but because you probably won’t get a proper freshly brewed coffee with milk foam (cappuccino or latte type) in economy class. You can also choose the type of coffee beans from Single Origin to Jamaican Blue Mountain.

In summary

What an epic dining experience. I think 7 hours flight was too short to properly enjoy all the food and drinks available on the flight, let alone enjoying the service and the hard product. All the ingredients are carefully selected and presented beautifully. Hands down to the ground chef who cooked the food and the flight attendants who prepared the food for us.

We will definitely prepare ourselves better next time we have a chance to fly first class with Singapore Airlines again. We will take better food pictures and prepare our stomach to have a food coma in the sky.

How about you guys? Please leave a comment below if you have any other favourite Book the Cook meal from Singapore Airlines you want to share with us, or simply want to share your experience dining in First Class / Suites too.


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