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About Us

Hi there!
We are Peter and Leonyta, two melbournians - the owner of twohungrydiners.com who love to work out, cook, and explore the world!

Welcome to our website! yayy ;)

This is our baby where we spend most of our energy (apart from work, food, travelling, and going to the gym). We started twohungrydiners.com to chronicle our journey as we search for the world’s best food and greatest adventures. This has been a long forgotten plan but finally it is here and you just cannot believe how happy we are when we launched our very first post. We did it! (Finally...)

It is however never the end of the journey, as we expect couple years down the road this baby to grow even more. Along the way, we will be sharing what we learn about the great (and also not-so-great) things to do, eat and drink in this great and amazing world.

Our wish is that twohungrydiners.com becomes your little-trusted resource for your next travels adventures. We hope you’ll find some inspiration, useful information and planning tips that will help you on your own adventures. We'll also be keeping you up to date with what there is to see, do and eat in Melbourne, Australia (that's where we live at the moment) in case you find yourself travelling to the most liveable city in the world.

Thank you very much for visiting and happy travelling!

About Leonyta

I am a full-time Sitecore Developer based in Melbourne. I was born in Indonesia, in a rainy city called Bogor. I refer myself a foodie, a fitness enthusiast and a hairpiece designer at @infite_crown. My favourite food is of course Indonesian food especially Sundanese food. My kind of 'happy meal' can only consist of rice, salted fish and sambal. If I have that for my meal, I feel like I am the happiest person on earth.

I consider myself as a nerd (because I am web developer and very open-minded with technology) but at the same time I am also high in creativity. That's why I enjoy doing craft and baking in my free time. I also care about fitness and health, I enjoy going to gym especially going to Zumba and Body Pump classes. Recently I also have big interest in luxury travel and currently dreaming to be a successful YouTube vlogger and travel & food blogger together with my husband.

About Peter

I am a gun front-end developer based in Melbourne. I was born in Indonesia, in a tiny and small city called LubukLinggau (I bet you never heard of it before). It is located in South Sumatra, an intersection, to many cities including Padang, Bengkulu, and Palembang.

I grew up eating a lot of fish cakes called 'Pempek' and devouring many bowls of noodles. Therefore I always enjoy eating a bowl of hot noodle with that extra wontons on the side.

During my spare time, I enjoy browsing the Internet find new information (read: wasting my time) especially about food and travel. I also care about fitness and health, trying to lose weight so I can keep enjoying my bowl of noodle. Travelling has becoming my passion lately and I hope to share our experiences through this website.


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